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PERFORMER Natasha Dilleyston

Little Bo Peep is the titular character of the Mother Goose Stories episode "Little Bo Peep". She is a young shepherdess living with her mother in the countryside. When her mother becomes too weak to walk the sheep, Bo takes it upon herself to handle taking care of the sheep. However, the sheep dash off before she can even start her walk with the energetic sheep. After catching up with them, Bo Peep falls fast asleep under a shady tree. When she awakens from her nap, she realizes her sheep are gone and goes out to find them with no avail. When she breaks the bad news to her mother, her mother gives the advice of "leave them alone and they'll come home, wagging their tails behind them.", in which soon-after the sheep are dashing back to their pen, pushing the energetic ram in to the pen, in agreement of relief that the worst is over, and that her sheep weren't lost after all.

The next day, the sheep follow behind her as she was the leader for the day.