The Lilliputians are a race of tiny people, less than six inches high, who inhabit Lilliput in Gulliver's Travels. Their size also reflects their nature, as the Lilliputians by and large are petty, small-minded. The discovery of Lemuel Gulliver, washed up on their shores, causes panic but also immediate thoughts of what can be gained from the giant.

Lilliput is ruled by an emperor, whose two sons are Admiral Bolgolam of the Navy and General Limtoc, chief commander of the army. They hope to make use of him as a weapon of war, and are disgusted by his independendence, while Treasurer Flimnap frets over what he consumes. The Emperor is merely amused by the Man Mountain, his empress repulsed by him (although gazing up at his nether regions during a parade, she utters a cry of "Colossus!"), and scroungers Clustril and Drunlo hope tro acquire riches and court favor through him.

The Lilliputians have been at war with their equally diminutive neighbors in Blefescu for generations, stemming from a dispute over which end of the egg should be broken when breakfasting.