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Songs from Sesamstraat
Released 2008
Format CD
Label Rubinstein
Cat no. 9789047 605188

De Leukste Liedjes uit Sesamstraat (The Funniest Songs from Sesamstraat ) is a promotional CD of Sesamstraat, the Dutch co-production of Sesame Street, produced by Rubinstein.

The CD features 6 songs composed by Henny Vrienten. The lyrics were written by several famous Dutch poets. This CD came for free with the parental megazine named 'Kinderen' (Childeren).


  1. Sesamstraat Thema - Tommie and choir
  2. Onderbroek (Underwear) - Ieniemienie
    Music by Henny Vrienten, Lyrics by Theo Olthuis
  3. Ik Moet in Bad (I Have to Take a Bath) - Tommie
    Music by Henny Vrienten, Lyrics by Erik van Os
  4. Mijn achterkant (My Back-side) - Pino
    Music by Henny Vrienten, Lyrics by Judith Nieken
  5. Purklied (Purk Song) - Purk
    Music by Henny Vrienten, Lyrics by Theo Olthuis
  6. Knoop (Button) - Aart
    Music by Henny Vrienten, Lyrics by Theo Olthuis



Production credits

Produced by:
Henny Vrienten
Technician and Editing by:
Vincent Carmiggelt
Frans Hendriks
Recorded at:
Krom & Hans Aalbers Recordings
Original Photograph and Illustrations by:
Sesame Workshop, NPS and Leendert Jansen

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