Let's go potty elmo
Written by Lori C. Froeb
Published 2015
Publisher Reader's Digest
ISBN 9780794435172

Let's Go Potty, Elmo! is a 2015 Sesame Street storybook featuring Elmo learning how to use the potty.

Product description

The wheels to turn, flaps to lift, and tabs to pull on the pages of this sturdy board book help teach toddlers the necessities of bathroom hygiene. Playing is so much fun, but everyone has to take a potty break sometimes - even Elmo! Taking all the right steps can be a challenge too, but now kids can help Elmo remember how by showing him the toilet paper, reminding him to flush, and making the correct choices for washing hands - should you use a toy car, a banana, or soap? Kids will love pulling the tabs, turning the wheels and lifting the flaps in this engaging book that explains the basics of bathroom hygiene.