Written by Jeff Moss
Date 1982
Publisher Festival Attractions, Inc.
Backfin Music Company
EKA Episode 2363
Sesame Street Let's Go Driving

Sesame Street Let's Go Driving

An Anything Muppet family sings "Let's Go Driving."

"Let's Go Driving" is a song sung by an Anything Muppet family driving in a convertible. They sing about the sounds the car makes, including the motor, the horn, the windshield wipers and the people singing.

In a season 32 episode, the song is performed on the stoop of 123 Sesame Street by Gabi, Big Bird, Maria, Telly, Lulu, Alan and the Kids. In a season 33 episode, this song played on Oscar the Grouch's car radio whenever he turned the radio on, in an attempt to get Telly Monster to accompany him on a road trip whenever Telly tried to get out of it.

Telly and Baby Bear also sang this song on a karaoke machine in a season 34 episode. Gabi again performs the song on the 123 stoop in a season 35 episode with Elmo and Zoe singing as ducks. It was also performed by Alan, Zoe, Telly and Rosita in a season 38 episode. Baby Bear also sang the song while driving in the Zoemobile past an animated environment.

Most recently, the song was performed by Elmo and Taye Diggs in Season 45 as they drive through an imaginary environment. (First: Episode 4502)

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Audio (performed by Gordon, Susan, Bert and Ernie)