Leslie Mostly
PERFORMER Michael Earl
DEBUT 1980
PATTERN Lavender

Leslie Mostly was the host of The Leslie Mostly Show, a talk show spoof on Sesame Street. She interviewed characters from the show via satellite. Her usual sign-off phrase was "Until next time, this is Leslie Mostly saying, until next time."


Picture Interviewee / EKA Description
The Amazing Mumford
Episode 1447
Leslie interviews Mumford at his home. He demonstrates a trick where he turns himself into a rabbit. When Mumford attempts to become a person again, he succeeds...and accidentally turns Leslie into a rabbit.
Leslie Mostly Grover Charlie's restaurant
Episode 1453
Leslie interviews Grover from Charlie's Restaurant. Grover talks about how proud he is to be a waiter, while completely ignoring a nearby customer.
Count von Count
Episode 1457
Leslie interviews The Count in his castle. During the interview, he counts the questions he's being asked.
Episode 1457
Leslie has a brief interview with the word CASA.
Cookie Monster Leslie talks with Cookie Monster about his home, which is made entirely out of cookies of different shapes. By the end of his interview, he devours his whole house.