Md 191
Songs from 1, Rue Sésame
Released 1978
Format single
Label Disques Adès
Cat no. ALB-158

Le Reveil de Mordicus (The Discovery of Mordicus) is the first Rue Sésame single-and-booklet. The material from this album was also featured on side B of the second Rue Sésame LP, Vive... La Rue Sésame.

This book and single for 1, Rue Sésame, the French co-production of Sesame Street, was produced by Adès in 1978. It belonged to the series Le Petit Menestrel. The cover illustration is by Nadine Forster, who also illustrated two Sésame storybooks.

Track listing

Side One

  • Song: Generique 1 Rue Sesame (Sesame Street Theme) - Claude Sonneville
  • Sketch: Toccata c'est moi (I'm Toccata) - Toccata
  • Song: Banjo pour Toccata (A banjo for Toccata) - Claude Sonnevile
  • Sketch: Bon matin (Good morning) - Toccata, Mordicus
  • Song: Ouvert le Epicerie (Open the Grocery Store) - Maxime
  • Sketch: Fait un reveil (Make a Discovery) - Toccata and Maxime
  • Song: Regarder a moi (Look at Me) - Clemence
  • Sketch: Repares des refrigerateur (Repairing the Refrigerator) - Toccata and Roger

Side Two

  • Song: Le chanson de Roger (Roger's Song) - Roger
  • Sketch: Le reveil de Mordicus (The discovery of Mordicus) - Toccata, Maxime, Clemence, Roger and Odile
  • Song: Le chanson de Mordicus (Mordicus Song) - Denis Demoulin
  • Song: Tiens, pardi (Hey, You're Gone) - Claude Sonneville and Denis Demoulin
  • Sketch: On y va (Let's Go) - Toccata, Mordicus, Maxime, Clemense, Roger and Odile
  • Song: Final (End Theme) - Claude Sonneville


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