Lauren Attinello
Masquerade ball

Attinello's cameo of her Henson Company Masquerade Ball costume in Baby Piggy's Night at the Ball.

Lauren Attinello started working freelance in the NY Muppet Workshop on a Sesame Street Live show in August of 1982 as a stitcher. One job led to another, and she built Kermit the Frog for The Muppets Take Manhattan.

She then worked on exhibits for "The Art of the Muppets", designing and building a second "Touchwall" for the traveling exhibit. She later moved into the art department and the licensing and publishing departments.

She has illustrated 50 books for Henson, Sesame Workshop and other publishers as well as creating over 30 Muppet parodies, art directing extensive photo shoots, and art directing publishing (including the book One Frog Can Make a Difference).



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