Written by Joe Raposo
Date 1971
Publisher Jonico Music, Inc.
EKA Episode 0321

Season 30 remake.

"La, La, La" is a Sesame Street song sung by Ernie and Bert.

In the sketch, Bert is standing behind a wall with a letter L, wondering what he can do with it, when Ernie suggests that he can sing a "La, La, La" song. Ernie sings about a lot of fun words while Bert sings about a lot of dull words.

The sketch was later remade with new puppetry performed to the original soundtrack. (First: Episode 3841) Bert and Ernie have also performed this song on The Dick Cavett Show.

Barenaked Ladies recorded a version of this song for the 2002 album For the Kids called "La La La La Lemon."




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