L ile au tresor des muppets edition speciale

Original DVD release from 1997.

L'Île au trésor des Muppets is the French dub of Muppet Treasure Island.


English Name French Name French Voice
Long John Silver Emmanuel Jacomy
Jim Hawkins Donald Reignoux
Captain Smollett
Kermit la grenouille Edgar Givry
Sam the Eagle/
Samuel Arrow
Pierre l'aveugle
Mad Monty L'Enragé
Miss Piggy
Benjamina Gunn
Éric Métayer
Beaker Fiole
Gonzo Jean-Claude Donda
Fozzie/Squire Trelawney
Dr. Bunsen Honeydew/
Dr. Livesey
Walbec Bunsen
Billy Bones Marc Alfos
Mrs. Bluveridge Madame Bluveridge Évelyne Grandjean
Bad Polly Polly Homard Gérard Hernandez
Squire Trelawney's butler
Statler Jean-Pierre Denys
Clueless Morgan En-tient-une-couche Michel Mella
Spa'am Pascal Renwick

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