Kule Kaker is the Norwegian dub of Smart Cookies. It premiered on NRK's children's channel December 22, 2016.

Translations and Voices

English Name Norwegian Name Norwegian Voice Actor
Cookie Monster Kakemonster Mads Henning Jørgensen
Chipowski Sjokolaysen Lars Sundsbø
Figby Fiken Erik Skøld
Miss Fortune Lykke Lie Marianne Westby
The Crumb Smula Jeppe Beck Laursen
Lady Crunchington Frøken Knaskestad
Giselle Biscotti Giselle Biscotti

Additional Voices

  • Morten Røhrt
  • Unn Vibeke Hol

Additional credits

  • Translation: Dina Padoin
  • Director: Nicolas Jara Marthinsen
  • Sound engineer: Else Gunhild Ljøstad
  • Project leader: Hans Hopen
  • Dubbing studio: SDI Media

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