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The Evolution of King Goshposh (1962-1976)

Image As Seen in Year Notes

Tales of the Tinkerdee 1962-1968 The first smaller King Goshposh with his attached smoking cigar. At this point, he has no hair. The original Goshposh puppet was modified with live hands in later appearances. This version of the puppet appeared in:
Kinggoshposh Hey Cinderella! 1968-1970 Completely rebuilt, King Goshposh is now much larger, and has a new wardrobe.
Kingrupert The Frog Prince 1971 King Goshposh has been rebuilt to a full-bodied Muppet, and has now grown hair. He is renamed King Rupert the Second.
GoshposhFeatherstone The Perry Como Winter Show 1972 King Rupert is seen in this special as a hotel manager.
Goshposh tms The Muppet Show episode 121 1976 Rupert in The King's Breakfast, appropriately dressed in pajamas.
Predecessor Puppets and Planning
Goshposhsketch Concept sketch for Tales of The Tinkerdee 1962

Sketch by Jim Henson.

Goshposh design Color sketch for Hey Cinderella! 1968

Designed by Jim Henson with costume design by Muppet Workshop staff. Constructed by Don Sahlin and Kermit Love.

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