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Songs from Sesame Street
Released 2001
Format CD
Label Sony Wonder
Cat no. LK 85428
LK 85433

Kids' Favorite Songs 2 is a follow-up to Kids' Favorite Songs, with more sing-along favorites.

Track listing

  1. The Hokey Pokey - Big Bird, Elmo, Telly, Zoe, and Oscar the Grouch
  2. The Erie Canal - Hoots the Owl
  3. The More We Sing Together - Elmo, Telly, Big Bird and the Kids
  4. The Bear Went Over the Mountain - Bob and Baby Bear
  5. On Top of Spaghetti - Snuffleupagus
  6. This Old Man - Big Bird, The Count and the Kids
  7. Mary Had a Little Lamb - Prairie Dawn and Elmo
  8. If You're Happy and You Know It - Big Bird and Oscar The Grouch
  9. Ta-Ra-Ra Boom-De-Ay - Elmo and Big Bird
  10. The Green Grass Grows All Around - Bob and the Kids
  11. Duermete Mi Niño - Rosita and Luis
  12. The Bags Go Flying - The Count
  13. The Wheels on the Bus - Ernie, Bert and the Kids

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