Kid President is a character played by Robby Novak (b. 2004). He gained fame through a series of YouTube videos produced by Soul Pancake and starred in a television show on The Hub in the summer of 2014.

Kid President appeared with Grover in a multi-part series of web videos to promote "Socktober" in October 2014. The series was co-produced by Mashable along with Soul Pancake and Sesame Workshop. The first video was posted on October 10th via Kid President's YouTube channel through Soul Pancake; a blooper reel was also released by Mashable the same day. (Videos) The second video (featuring appearances by Guy Smiley and Bert) was posted on October 16th via Sesame Street's YouTube channel. (YouTube) The third video, featuring Grover and Kid President sharing five words to say more often, was posted on October 23rd also via Sesame Street's YouTube channel. (YouTube)

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