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Healthy Food, Indian dub02:44

Healthy Food, Indian dub

Khul Ja Sim Sim was a dub of Sesame Street that aired in India, and recently Pakistan. It began airing in Pakistan on PTV, five days a week, beginning in early April on Pakistan Educational Network. The Pakistani selection included 104 dubbed episodes of Open Sesame.

It was superseded in India by Galli Galli Sim Sim, a local co-production. In Pakistan, it will be superseded by Gali, Gali Hamara.




  • Executive producer: Ghazanfar Ali (founder of Ilm Film)
  • Translator: Shoaib Hashmi
  • Dubbing adviser: Shoaib Hashmi

Hashmi returned to television comedy writing in 2005, after a 25 year break; many of his shows were "classics" in Pakistan, but his final series (Balila) was banned.

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