DEBUT 1982

Kevin T. Gregory is an executive vice president with the network in The Fantastic Miss Piggy Show. Identified in the credits as "Pretend Network V.P.," Mr. Gregory arrives at the studio to check on things, asking if Miss Piggy received the gift basket, and what the next number is. Informed that it's a pagan ritual number, he agreeably observes that those are always good (but takes less kindly to Kermit's quip that this time they're sacrificing a network vice president). Kermit invites him to watch the show from a room backstage, and he does so.

Near the end of the special, Miss Piggy announces that she wants to invite someone very special, a star's best friend, to come on stage; the other Muppets expect it to be Kermit, but instead, she announces Mr. Gregory. He obliges, but then finds himself compelled to correct his star, explaining that The Fantastic Miss Piggy Show is a special, not a series. Enraged, Piggy karate chops him and rushes off-stage.