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A young version of Kermit the Frog, as seen in the Muppet Kids books and video games.

Muppet Kid Kermit usually wears a red baseball cap and a striped shirt, along with his signature collar. Kermit lives with his mom and dad, next door to his best friend Fozzie. His other best friend is Piggy, who (naturally) has a crush on him. After school, Kermit likes to play baseball and spend time with the Frog Scouts.

Kermit was the only Muppet kid to appear outside his illustrated form: an 'adult' Kermit poser was dressed as Muppet Kid Kermit for a photo.

In the direct-to-video movie Kermit's Swamp Years from 2002, Kermit's childhood is shown in a different way: he lives in the swamp with his mother and a whole bunch of brothers and sisters. The young Kermit puppet wears no shirt or baseball cap.

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