Ken is the unseen boyfriend of Joan, Scooter's mom, on The Muppets.

In the episode "The Ex-Factor," Scooter tells Kermit: "I once gave a hand-painted cake plate to a lovely lady, and the next morning, she made me breakfast." Rizzo the Rat asks "Who was she? Your mother?" Scooter replies "Yes, and I like to remind her of that every time she lets Ken stay over." Afterwards, in a sudden distracted train of thought, Scooter exclaims: "Put on a robe, Ken!"

Later Scooter says he's going home to be with his mom, and he doesn't even care if it's "her private time with Ken!"

In the episode "Pig's in a Blackout," Scooter uses his mom's credit card to buy coffee for the office. He says the purchase will help her earn points towards a trip to Rome for her and her boyfriend.

In the episode "Single All the Way," Scooter expresses his displeasure with Ken and his mother's relationship saying: "[Becky] breaks up with a great guy like Fozzie, and yet my mother is still with Ken? Ugh! Cut your nails, Ken. You're not a Spanish guitar player!"

When asked about his feelings towards Ken in a Twitter Q&A, Scooter tweeted: "No comment on Mom's relationship on a public forum, but he's definitely getting a robe for Christmas."[1] When asked about his mom, Scooter replied: "She's the sweetest, most caring, loving woman in the world who has really bad taste in Ken--I mean MEN!"[2] When asked if he has any nicknames, Scooter said: "My BFF calls me 'Scootie.' Her boyfriend Ken calls me 'Champ' and I hate it."[3]

In November 2015, Scooter tweeted: "I invited all #TheMuppets to Mom's Circa 1620 authentic Thanksgiving. No running water or electricity! No one wants to come. I blame Ken."[4]

In December 2015, Scooter shared some Christmas tweets. He tweeted: "Mom and I made cookies! I used the dough to spell out a special message: 'PUT YOUR SHOES AWAY, KEN.' The sprinkles really sell it."[5] Later he shared "Trimming the tree with mom and Ken tonight. Don't worry, I hid the egg nog so Ken won't start any electrical fires like last year."[6]

Ken was mentioned again in The Muppets Take the Bowl in 2017, where he helps Joan Google the Muppets' performance at the Hollywood Bowl.


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