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Keep Christmas with You (All Through the Year)

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Music by Sam Pottle
Lyrics by David Axlerod
Date 1975

thumb|right|300px|Bob, Linda and the Kids sings "Keep Christmas with You (All Through the Year)."


Elmo Saves Christmas finale

"Keep Christmas With You (All Through the Year)" is a song expressing the importance of keeping the Christmas feeling, a kind of warmth and goodwill, with one every day.

The song debuted on the 1975 Sesame Street album Merry Christmas from Sesame Street, and was used twice in the 1978 special Christmas Eve on Sesame Street; the first time was a sing-along with sign language by Bob, Linda and the kids, and a reprise near the end of the special with lyrics on-screen. It was also used for the closing number in the 1996 special Elmo Saves Christmas, although only the chorus and the second verse are sung in that special.



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