Katy Dobbs and Fred Newman in the early 1980s

Katy Dobbs was editor-in-chief for Muppet Magazine (working under publisher Don Welsh) and frequently wrote the featured interviews, writing in the voice of the Muppets. She also edited the compilation volume Muppets! Muppets! Muppets!: The Best of Muppet Magazine.

Dobbs remained with Welsh Publishing and went on to edit Barbie - The Magazine for Girls, ALF Magazine, Snoopy Magazine, DuckTales Magazine, Where's Waldo? Magazine, Simpsons Illustrated, and Superman & Batman Magazine. After Welsh folded, she became editorial director for Weekly Reader and for three years directed publishing ventures by the Cousteau Society. She has been married to Fred Newman (who also worked on Muppet Magazine) since 1985.

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