REM Kate Pierson Muppet
PERFORMER Stephanie D'Abruzzo voice
  Kevin Clash puppeteer
DEBUT 1999
PATTERN Large Lavender Live Hand

The Kate Pierson Muppet was the back-up singer in the song "Furry Happy Monsters" on Sesame Street.

The real Kate Pierson is the lead singer of the band The B-52s. She collaborated with R.E.M. on "Shiny Happy People," the song spoofed by "Furry Happy Monsters".


  • The character was erroneously referred to as "Kate Monster" in a profile on[1] Ironically, D'Abruzzo would go on to play a character named Kate Monster in Avenue Q.

See also

  • Kate Pierson was also spoofed as a lobster in "Rock Lobster".


  1. R.E.M. Rocks Sesame Street! (archive link)

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