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Karl-Ulrich Meves (b. 1928) is a German voice actor who dubbed Grover (Grobi) on Sesamstrasse from 1973 until 1997. He also played the role on various albums and dubbed Herbert Birdsfoot (renamed Herbert Leichtfuß).

Meves was a familiar voice on "hörspiel" cassette dramas, such as Commander Perkins (as Colonel Jason) and Alfred Hitchock's The Three Investigators. As a film dubbing actor, he was heard as Red Buttons in Eighteen Again, Jack Gilford in Cocoon and Cocoon: The Return, Lee Wallace (as the mayor) in Batman, and Henry Gibson in The 'Burbs.

On television, he dubbed Victor Sen Yung on Bonanza, John Hillerman on The Love Boat, and various judges on Matlock. Cartoon roles include Mr. Slate on The Flintstones, Gyro Gearloose on DuckTales, Angus MacBadger in The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad, and Francois in The Rescuers Down Under.

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