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Karen Aqua (1954-2011) was a New England-based filmmaker and animator who graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1976. She began producing animated shorts for Sesame Street in 1990 and had produced, directed, and animated 22 segments for the show since then. She passed away in May of 2011 after a decade of fighting ovarian cancer.


Picture Description
Dancing With Animals (EKA: Episode 2795)

A dog joins dancing with a girl and a crocodile.

Fast and Slow Dance (EKA: Episode 3109)

Two birds dance fast and slow.

Dancing with Tiger (EKA: Episode 3387)

A boy dances with a tiger.

Dancing with Elmo (EKA: Episode 3505)

Elmo and a dog dance.

Kid/Animal Alphabet (EKA: Episode 3740)

Kids and animals pass letters around to do the alphabet.

'Hop, Hop, Hop!

A girl dances with an elephant or octopus. (EKA: Episode 4015) (elephant) (EKA: Episode 4028) (octopus)

Rhyme Time

Frog and Hog went for a jog. Quail hops and meets a Snail. (EKA: Episode 4045)

Jumping J (EKA: Episode 4051)

Animals that begin with the letter J jump with a J.

Dancing with Nature (EKA: Episode 4058)

A girl dances with nature.

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