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Written by Billy Joel
Date 1977
Source The Stranger (album)
Publisher Impulsive Music

"Just the Way You Are" was written and performed by Billy Joel on his 1977 album The Stranger. Although Joel did not like the song, he released it at the encouragement of Linda Ronstadt. The song became a top 10 hit and has since been covered by numerous artists, including the Muppets.

Lesley Ann Warren and Rowlf sing "Just the Way You Are" on episode 315 of The Muppet Show.

Billy Joel sings (while Marlee Matlin signs) "Just the Way You Are," with revised lyrics by Tony Geiss, to Oscar the Grouch on Season 20 of Sesame Street. This recording was also included in Songs from the Street and Valentine's Collection. This clip can be viewed at

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