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Julie: My Favorite Things title cards.

Julie: My Favorite Things was a Julie Andrews television special which aired on April 18, 1975 on ABC. The Muppets were her guests, along with Peter Sellers.

Muppet segments

Julie Andrews sings "Swinging on a Star" with the Gawky Birds and the Clodhoppers (identified here as "the Klunks").

The Electric Mayhem then performs a rendition of Suzi Quatro's "Your Mamma Won't Like Me." Julie joins them towards the end of the song, dressed as a hippie and playing a tambourine. The hipster band stops playing and gives Julie the impression that she's a square.

Dejected, she walks off and joins Kermit, whom she calls "the Robert Redford of frogs," and sings him the song she would later sing again in her episode of The Muppet Show, "When You Were a Tadpole and I Was a Fish."

At the very end of the special, Zoot asks Julie to sing "Melancholy Baby."


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