DEBUT 1979

Julián is a character from Barrio Sésamo, the Spanish co-production of Sesame Street.

He was a human, adult character who appeared in both the first and second periods of the series, from 1979 to 1980 and then from 1983 to 1987. He interacted with human-size Muppets, first Caponata and Perezgil, and then Espinete and Don Pimpón.

Julián was an old man with a white moustache. He owned a trolley of food, mainly confectioneries, which he reportedly sold to people on the Barrio. However, during the entire run of the series, he was never seen accepting a single coin from anyone, especially from children.

Although he liked to portray a harsh attitude, shouting through the streets, he was a kind old man who enjoyed the company of children (including Espinete, who was a child of sorts).

After 1987, with the end of the new period of Barrio Sésamo, Julián appeared in theater versions of the series, alongside Espinete and Chema the baker.

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