Written by Anne B.Ragde
Illustrator Tore Strand Olsen
Published 1994
Publisher Semic/Nordisk forlag
ISBN 7023060927615

A 26 page christmas mystery comic from Sesam Stasjon. Included is a comic of the Sesamstasjon Muppets and a puzzle.

The cast puts up a christmas party at the trainstation for all the travelers. Max Mekker is helping O. Tidemann dressing up the christmastree. When the tree is light they all sing songs together.

When the people leave the trainstation they finish the night with a hot drink. When they realize that they havent decorated their own place, all the muppets go searching for surrogat decoration things.

Alfa is baking a cake that reasambles a radio. They all come to the idea to make presents for each other. Leonora finds a kind of santa looking dress. And O.Tidemann found a scarf that could be the beard. Bjarne Betjent is sewing something and packing his present. They all are packing their self made or found presents. After that, Max and O.Tidemann going to the forrest to find a nice tree. At home they decorate it with heardshaped earrings Alfa found somewhere. When they had dinner and opened the presents they discover that everyone made a Santa suit for each other. But also that each suit they have gotten, was meant for another size or lenght! All looked suprized when the real Santa is walking in and give them real presents.

Also in the middle is a puzzle from the original Sesame Street cast. Where you have several pictures with things that happen. There is a cutout page with picture that fits the puzzle questions. The meaning is to put every picture over the right story and the way of help reveals a new picture.

Production credits

Hege Høiby
Printed by:
Coverphoto by:
Hermann Gran
Coverairbrush by:
Rune Nødtvedt
Printed in: