Judah Maccabee on Shalom Sesame.


Judah Maccabee on the Chanukah Channel.

Judah Maccabee (formally Judas Maccabeus) is a prominent figure in the Old Testament, and has been referenced or appeared in a variety of different Sesame Street related productions. Maccabee led the a eponymous revolt against the Seleucid Empire, and Hanukkah honors his removal of a pagan statuary from a temple in Jerusalem, in 165 BCE.


  • Shalom Sesame "Show 6: Chanukah" (1990): David Brenner inspires his softball team to be heroes like Judah Maccabee; to fight to win the game the way he fought for freedom. Later, Yoav and Jeremy Miller visit the city of Modi'in where Judah Maccabee was born. In another part of the program, the contestants of "Dreidel of Fortune" receive a set of "Maccabee Hammers" as a prize.
  • The Count's Hanukkah Countdown (2012 book) "Judah Maccabee and his small, brave army" are referenced, but only shown from afar, shooting at Antiochus' soldiers, mounted on the back of two elephants.
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