José Enrique Camacho was a Spanish actor who played Antonio in the Spanish Sesame Street co-production Barrio Sésamo.

Camacho had previously acted on prestigious TV series for Televisión Española during the 1970s, including four guest appearances in Estudio 1 and one in directress Pilar Miró's Silencio, estrenamos. His only cinema movie, however, was Ramón Fernández's Cuando los maridos se iban a la guerra (1976).

He was then selected to play one of the adult characters for Barrio Sésamo in its second chance at Spanish TV. His character, Antonio, was mainly remembered as the husband of Matilde from the drink cafe. He would be credited as "José E. Camacho", shortening his name. He played his role during all the series, from 1983 till 1987.

While acting in the series, Camacho found time to appear in a TV movie for Vicente Aranda, dramatic thriller La Huella del crimen: El crimen del Capitán Sánchez (1984).

Before 1987, he also appeared in another movie, Crimen en familia (1985), so briefly that his character was not given a name (He was only the "immigrant worker")

Since then, Camacho appeared in short, secondary roles in movies such as El Lute: camina o revienta (1987, again for Vicente Aranda, and alongside Alfonso Vallejo) or Solo o en compañía de otros (1991). He passed away at some point during the 1990s.