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Jon Granik (1926 - 2003) was a Canadian actor who appeared in Jim Henson's TV drama The Cube (billed as Jon Granic). He played the dual roles of the brutish sergeant and the white-faced straight man, paired with Guy Sanvido.

Granik was a veteran of CBC Radio, performing on the air waves for over 35 years. As a voice actor, he narrated documentaries, played the title role in the 1995 classical music audio release Mr. Bach Comes to Call, and was a frequent bit player on the radio horror series Nightfall (1980-1983). In films, he played a villainous Indian in the 1966 melodrama The Trap (with Rita Tushingham) and a colonel in Power Play (1978, with Peter O'Toole). On CBC television, he hosted the judicial anthology The Verdict.

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