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Animated and live-action inserts produced by Jim Henson for Sesame Street

Picture Title Earliest Known Appearance Number Description
Two Song (Song of Two) Episode 0001 02 Number Song Series: Featuring two ice cream cones, turtles, heads, hats, butterflies and chocolate cream pies.
Body Parts vs. Heavy Equipment Episode 0003 Three boys (including Brian Henson) pretend to be steam shovels, playing in the dirt. This segues into footage of real construction vehicles. A parallel is drawn between the machinery and how the boys' arms and mouths work. The film was included in the original Sesame Street Pitch Reel.
Three Song (Song of Three) Episode 0001 03 Number Song Series: Featuring three balls, peas, crocodiles, eggs, little pigs, and birthday cakes.
Four Song (Song of Four) Episode 0006 04 Number Song Series: Featuring four dolls, balloons, fish, wind-up toys, arms, and root beer floats.
Five Song (Song of Five) Episode 0006 05 Number Song Series: Featuring five fingers, ice cream sodas, monsters, frogs, dimes, and fancy fruit cakes.
Six Song (Song of Six) Episode 0011 06 Number Song Series: Featuring six chicks, squares, bats, cats, cameras, and strawberry shortcakes.
Seven Song (Song of Seven) Episode 0011 07 Number Song Series: Featuring seven straws, circles, ducks, spooky spiders, nickels, and pumpkin pies.
Nine Song (Song of Nine) Episode 0016 09 Number Song Series: Featuring nine noodles, nails, lights, mice, quarters, and coconut custard pies.
Eight Song (Song of Eight) Episode 0018 08 Number Song Series: Featuring eight blocks, clocks, puppets, puppies, ping-pong balls, and raspberry pudding desserts.
Ten Song (Song of Ten) Episode 0021 10 Number Song Series: Featuring ten toes, triangles, pins, Indians, bells, wind-up toys, and chocolate-layer cakes.
One Song (Song of One) Episode 0086 01 Number Song Series.
Doll House Episode 0131 02 A song about the number 2 accompanied by a film about two girls playing with their doll house. Eventually, two cats get into the doll house and knock things over.
The Queen of Six Episode 0234 06 A stop-motion film about that focuses on the domain of the Queen of 6, wherein everything exists in denominations of 6.
The King of Eight Episode 0270 08 A stop-motion film, with some puppetr that focuses on the title character, a jovial king in a land where everything exists in denominations of the number 8.
Eleven Cheer Episode 0514 11 A stop-motion animated skit featuring a group of dancing squares that form the number 11.
1-2-3-4-5! Episode 0810 05 A musical animated film about counting to five.
Raisin Army Episode 0810 12 A short stop-motion animation about a grape who calls reveille for the "troops" -- 12 raisins on a slice of bread.
10: Computer Episode 0261 10 The Floating Face counts up to ten and back down again.
4: Computer Episode 0266 04 Utilizing the Scanimate animation system, a voice asks children to identify different groups of four markings.
Number Three Ball Film Episode 1707 03 A small, red ball as it rolls throughout a toy roller coaster (directed by Frank Oz).
Number Twelve Rocks Episode 2980 12 A stop-motion film about a group of twelve rocks that remove themselves from a crowd and are counted out, before taking the shape of a numeral 12.
Seven Monsters unaired 07 An animated segment were produced with Maurice Sendak.
Bumble Ardy Episode 0305 09 An animated segment were produced with Maurice Sendak based on Sendak's own book. Jim Henson provides the voice of Bumble Ardy. The segment appears as an easter egg on disc 1 of Sesame Street: Old School: Volume 2.

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