A promo for The Jim Henson Hour aired one week before the premiere of The Jim Henson Hour, with Jim Henson talking about what the show was going to be.

This promo was shown during a commercial break during Sesame Street: 20 and Still Counting.


Jim Henson: Hi there. One week from today, our new show will premiere on NBC, called, appropriately enough, The Jim Henson Hour. We plan to pack a whole lot into this series. (a clip from a StoryTeller episode is shown) For instance, new episodes of The StoryTeller, (a clip from Song of the Cloud Forest is shown) innovative tales with music, (a clip from Monster Maker is shown) strange encounters with unusual creatures, (a clip from Dog City is shown) and the occasional film classic starring dogs. And that's just half the show. (a clip from episode 103 is shown, with Kermit watching Fozzie on a monitor) The other half, well, Kermit the Frog is back in charge. He's joined by some old friends (clip of Kermit saying "Same old Fozzie, same old joke" is shown), some new friends (clip of Digit singing "Locomotion" from episode 101 is shown), music (clip of The Extremes singing "Maneater" is shown), (clip from the "My Dinner with Codzilla" sketch from episode 101 is shown) comedy, and guest stars. (a clip of the cast performing at a party is shown) It's called The Jim Henson Hour and it premieres next Friday on NBC. Please join us for the fun.
Kermit the Frog: (watching the commercial on a monitor) Yeah, something like that could work.

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