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Jim Henson's Muppets Annual (1980) is the fourth of eight Annuals produced in the UK. This 60-page book was published by Grandreams Limited.


  • Photo: The Muppet Theatre's Stage Door
  • Comic: The Mild Bunch (or "How the West Was Done")
  • Miss Piggy Coloring Page
  • Animal paper fold fortune
  • Painting: Kermit as The Laughing Frog after Frans Hals' The Laughing Cavalier
  • Painting: Mona Piggy after Leonardo da Vinci
  • Puzzles: Leap Frog and Chef's Code
  • Doctor Doctor: Jokes with Dr. Bob
  • Story: The Mystery of the Long, Black Hair
  • Kermit's Magic Tricks
  • Kermit's Magic Mixture: an amalgamation of several Muppets
  • Outlawed! Starring Miss Piggy
  • The Mild Bunch, continued
  • Connect-the-Dots: Kermit in the swamp
  • Jokes: Bear on Patrol
  • Animal's Guide to Arts and Crafts
  • The Collected Correspondence of Fozzie the Bear [sic]
  • Poets Cornered: poems by Sam the Eagle, Miss Piggy, Lew Zealand, Rowlf, Kermit, Sweetums, Scooter, and Gonzo
  • The Mild Bunch, concluded
  • Puzzle Answers
  • Kermit says goodbye


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