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Jerry Lewis with Sal and Johnny

Jerry Lewis (b. 1926) is a famed comedian and director of film and television, known primarily for his often slapsticky films, and his broadly goofy persona, which developed a following in France. Lewis is also the sponsor and (usually) host of The Jerry Lewis MDA Labor Day Telethon. The latter has played host to Muppet characters on various occasions.

Lewis was also parodied in the Dinosaurs episode "Getting to Know You." Henri and Simone Poupon attempt to convince Charlene Sinclair of the genius of a rather Jerry Lewis-like dinosaur character on TV.

In his book Dean and Me, Lewis refers to a gossip columnist named Louella Parsons, stating that she "spoke like a Muppet without a hand up her back." [1]


  1. Dean and Me, p. 70

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