Music by Lee Pockriss
Lyrics by Judy Freudberg
Publisher Emily Music,
Sesame Street Inc.
EKA Episode 1854

"I'm in Love with U" is a Sesame Street spoof of the song "Indian Love Call", from the operetta Rose-Marie, performed by two Anything Muppets: Jeanette (a Green Anything Muppet) and Nelson (an Orange Gold Anything Muppet officer of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police). The duet sing about many words beginning with the letter, until the "U" at the end gives its own U word: Unbelievable!


  • Both characters are spoofs of the lead characters of the 1936 film version of Rose-Marie. The name and appearance of Nelson spoofs Nelson Eddy's role in the film, while Jeanette is an homage to Jeanette MacDonald's.
  • The U is performed by Brian Muehl.

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