Jay and doctor

Jay Tyson Filming "a Leak in Time"

Jay Tyson performed as a puppeteer on Muppets from Space. He is also a film maker, who has created the puppet films "Coffee Impossible", "PODS", "The Story of One" and many shorts.

Tyson has written produced several stage plays with puppet cast Such as 2012s "The Time Machine"
Time machine

Preview Poster for Tyson's Time Machine

an original full stage production with a human and puppet cast and 2011s "Frankenstein"
Rehersing Frankenstein lab set

Rehersing Frankenstein

Tyson is also a puppet designer and builder, creating characters for films like The Mill and numerous pilot television series.

Currently, Tyson is producing puppet related independent films and web series like "Royal Follies" "99 Acre Woods" as well as fan parodies such as "Off Trek" and his Fourth Doctor Who series "a Leak in Time". He has written several more stage plays to be produced on stage as well as creating puppets for on going stage shows in Arizona for All Puppet Players.

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