Javier Franquelo is a Spanish voice actor who dubbed Cookie Monster in the earliest seasons of Barrio Sésamo. He went on to dub Dr. Bunsen Honeydew in several Muppet projects, as well as multiple kings on The StoryTeller and its sequel.

Franquelo has dubbed Patrick Stewart several times, including three X-Men movies, Jeffrey, and as Bullock on American Dad (and the animated Patrick Stewart on Family Guy). He has also dubbed Bob Newhart in The Librarian movies, Christopher Lloyd in The Dream Team and three other movies, Fulton MacKay in Nothing But the Night and Porridge, Charles Durning in The Last Supper, Kris Kristofferson in Dolphin Tale, Clive Revill in Intrepid, and Ossie Davis in The Stand. TV dubbing roles include Sam Anderson on Lost, Don Knotts on Three's Company, Barney Martin (as Jerry's dad) on Seinfeld, and William Schallert on Desperate Housewives and True Blood. In animation, he dubs Mr. Burns and others on The Simpsons.

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