Big Bird and Baby Bear taking in a Pollock painting.

Jackson Pollock Toyota 2014

Paul Jackson Pollock (1912–1956) was an American painter in the abstract expressionist movement. During his lifetime, he enjoyed fame and notoriety, yet was a reclusive artist. After his death at age 44, the Museum of Modern Art has featured retrospectives of his career over various periods of time.


  • In a Global Grover segment on Bangladesh, Grover tries to coax a penguin to help him paint when he accidentally imprints himself on his canvas, creating a painted silhouette. Impressed with the results, Grover says "Jackson Pollock, eat your heart out!" (First: Episode 4110)
  • The 2014 Toyota commercial "Saffron, Cayenne Pepper and the Road Home" featured a Pollock painting in the back of a Toyota Highlander which Pepe was using as a living room.

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