The J.C. Pigeon Company is a leading purveyor of pigeons and pigeon eggs. Whether they deal in other pigeon paraphernalia is unknown. They figured in at least two Sesame Street books, Tales of Sesame Gulch (1977) and Sesame Stories (1979).‎ In both instances, their primary client is Bert, naturally.

The company's history can be traced back to the Old West, as seen in the Sesame Gulch story "The Day Herry Monster Held Up the Stage." At the time, J.C. Pigeon was based out of St. Louis, Missouri. They issued a J.C. Pigeon catalogue and delivered their feathered goods through the Wells Fargo company.

By 1979, in the Sesame Stories tale "Don't Count Your Pigeons," they shipped their products to the Pigeon Exchange, where pigeon fanciers would collect their new feathered friends (or eggs). Bert dreams of starting an ambitious pigeon farm with his new J.C. Pigeon eggs.

The company name is a reference to the JC Penney department store, which sold a popular line of Sesame Street clothing, shoes and accessories.

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