It'll Be Alright on the Night

It'll Be Alright on the Night

It'll Be Alright on the Night is a British television bloopers show broadcast on ITV since 1977.

The first edition, transmitted September 18, 1977, featured a blooper in which the audio of the long promo for the Bruce Forsyth episode was accidentally transmitted during the airing of an episode of the 1977 UK drama series Another Bouqet.

The second edition, It'll Be Alright on the Night 2, aired on October 28, 1979 and featured a brief blooper with Kermit the Frog and Fozzie Bear. The outtake was repeated on the special The Kids From Alright on the Night which aired November 26, 1994.

The third edition, It'll Be Alright on the Night 3, aired on December 25, 1979 and featured a blooper from Episode 311: Raquel Welch (in which Fozzie accidentally calls Scooter "Kermit") and bloopers from The Julie Andrews Hour with Julie Andrews, Sammy Davis Jr., Phyllis Diller and Rich Little.

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