Scenes cut from It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie before release.


"Carson & Kermit: The Uncut Interview" - Kermit reveals that J. P. Grosse left the theatre to the Muppets after he died and invites Carson Daly to the Muppets Christmas party.


"The Great Santa Claus Switch" - A jolly Santa, apparently convinced he's the real deal, regretfully informs Kermit that he can't appear in their big holiday production. Bobo the Bear agrees to star as Santa in the show.

VMX deleted baron

"Meet Baron Von Scrooge" - Sam the Eagle appears in the "Moulin Scrooge" number as Baron Von Scooge, trying to steal Saltine (Miss Piggy) from Kermit.

VMX deleted boss gift

"The Bitterman Bonus" - Rachel Bitterman is upset with the Christmas gifts from her employees.

VMX deleted bus hit

"The Bus Stops Here" - Kermit leaves the theater and steps out in front of a bus and is almost hit.


"The Snowman Gets Slushy" - Joe Snow appears in the world in which Kermit was never born narrating the events while melting into nothingness.


"Body By Beaker" - In the world in which Kermit was never born, Beaker serves as the bouncer to Club Dot.

VMX deleted prison break

"Another Deleted Scene" - In the world in which Kermit was never born, a news reporter (Bill Barretta) appears with Officer James (Kirk Thatcher) outside the Bitterman Maximum Security Crustacean Facility where, reportedly, master con-artist Pepe the King Prawn has escaped. The scene appears as a hidden Easter egg on the DVD, accessible from the main menu.

VMX deleted fast track form

"One More Deleted Scene" - Glenn speaks to some new interns about dreams and brags that he had been supportive of Daniel all along. The scene appears as a hidden Easter egg on the DVD, accessible from the special features menu.

Xmas snoop 01
A scene with Snoop Dogg and the Electric Mayhem was cut. According to writer Jim Lewis: "Here's how I remember it. We come upon Kermit and Snoop backstage talking in that patented Snoop patois (e.g. 'Off the hizzle f'shizzle...etc.'). Surprisingly, Kermit is fluent in this lingo and has his own Frog Pound. We then see the Electric Mayhem band sitting nearby. Floyd Pepper asks a typically insightful question, something along the lines of: 'Didja ever think that maybe the whole world is a molecule on the big toe of some giant in the cosmos?' To which Snoop gives a long (and to me) totally confusing answer just brimming with 'hizzles' and 'f'shizzles'. Floyd, Animal, and the rest of the band nod sagely and then Zoot says a line that was ad-libbed on the spot: 'Man, that's the first thing around here I've understood in 30 years.'"[1]
VMX deleted Fozzie pie

In the Inside Pepe's Studio documentary, there is footage of the filming of a deleted gag in the film involving Fozzie's joke with some pies; this bit isn't included in the deleted scene reel.

VMX deleted Sal in drag

In the world in which Kermit was never born, Sal Minella was to be seen donning a wig and dress. While not seen in the final film, a cross-dressing Sal is shown in the behind-the-scenes footage at Club Dot featured in Inside Pepe's Studio on the MGM DVD release of the film.

VMX Kermit in Piggy's apt building
Before Kermit knocks on Miss Piggy's door, there was a short scene of him walking through her apartment building. Kermit is seen passing Jacques Roach while walking up the stairs. This was meant to show how dirty Miss Piggy's building was, but was cut for time.[2]


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