Written by "R.U. Scary"
Illustrator Tom Brannon
Published 1995
Publisher Random House
Series Monster Tales
ISBN 067987416X

Is There a Monster in the House? is a 1995 Sesame Street "Lift-and-Eeeek!" book.

In the book, Grover explores a haunted house, frightened by the bumps and squeaks that he hears around every corner. Fortunately, the source of the noises turn out not to be scary after all -- they're just monsters! At the end of the book, Grover and the monsters are "one happy family", dancing in the parlor.

Other versions

In 2007, Dalmatian Press published a new version, retitled Monster in the House, with Elmo added to the cover and several inside spreads.

Tom Leigh, who made the alterations, is credited as "Contributing Illustrator".

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