Iris Singer (b. 1965), also translated as Iris Zinger, is an Israeli voice actress who dubbed Elmo on Rechov Sumsum — Shara'a Simsim, the Israeli/Palestinian co-production of Sesame Street. She also voiced characters on Dr. Seuss, the Hebrew dub of The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss.

Singer dubbed Poe on The Teletubbies and LaLa on the 2016 revival series. Animation roles include Connie the Cow, the Snork Maiden on The Moomins, Betty DeVille in Rugrats: The Movie, and Vicki Vale in Batman vs. Dracula. In the United States, she has been heard in Baby Einstein home videos, singing and speaking in Hebrew. She conducts seminars and workshops for parents and babies utilizing music.

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