The different names and voices of Zoe across the globe. In all international editions, Zoe only appears in inserts, and is dubbed by local actors.

Country/Show Name Performer Picture
Croatia, Ulica Sezam Zoja Hana Hegedušić
Hana Hegedušić
Denmark, Leg med os fra Sesamgade and Elmo's Verden Zoe Line Kruse
Germany, Sesamstrasse Sina Tanja Dohse
Mexico, Plaza Sésamo Zoe Pilar Escandon
Pilar Escandón
The Netherlands, Sesamstraat Zoe Lucie de Lange
Poland, Bawmy się, Sezamku Zoe Małgorzata Puzio
Malgorzata puzio
Portugal, Abre-te Sésamo Zoey Ana Luís
Spain, Juega Conmigo, Sésamo Zoe Isacha Mengibar
Sweden, Lek med mig i Sesam and Räkna med Greven Zoe Anna Isbäck

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