Statler and Waldorf across the globe. While their voices have changed, for the most part, their names haven't been altered. The one notable exception is Italy, where, for Il Muppet Show, the name "Statler" was replaced with that of another, more internationally known hotel: Hilton. In a twist, in Spain, the actors who played the pair in the Muppet movies switched roles after Muppet Treasure Island.

Country/Production Performers Statler Voice Waldorf Voice
Brazil, A Grande Farra Dos Muppets and Muppets do Espaço Mario Monjardim & Miguel Rosenberg
Denmark, Muppets Juleeventyr Nis Bank-Mikkelsen & Anders Peter Bro Nis-Bank-Mikkelsen Anderspeterbroe
France, Le Muppet Show Pierre Tornade & Gerard Hernandez Pierretornade Gerardhernandez
France, The Muppet Christmas Carol Jean-Pierre Denys & Philippe Clay
France, Muppets TV Pierre Dourlens & Jean-Francois Kopf Pierredourlens Jeanfrancoiskopf
Die Muppet Show - Muppets Tonight
Manfred Lichtenfeld & Walter Reichelt Manfredlichtenfeld Walterreichelt
Germany, Muppets aus dem All, Kermit der Frosch
Muppets Der Zauberer von Oz
Klaus Höhne & Karl-Heinz Krolzyk Klaushohne
It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie
Eberhard Storeck & Jochen Schröder
Studio DC: Almost Live - present
Thomas Reiner & Hartmut Neugebauer Thomasreiner
Italy, Il Muppet Show Mario Milita & Elio Pandolfi Mariomilita Eliopandolfi
Mexico, movies from 1992 onward Francisco Colmenero & Arturo Mercado Franciscocolmenero Arturomercado
Spain, most movies Eduardo Moreno & Julio Sanchidrián Eduardomoreno Juliosanchidrian
Mupparnas Julsaga & Mupparna I Rymden
Roger Storm & Ulf Peder Johansson Rogerstorm

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