The many names and voices of Herry Monster across the globe.

Country/Show Name Performer Picture
France, Bonjour Sesame Hyacinthe Unknown
Germany, Sesamstrasse Grosses Monster (earlier records)/Lulatsch Jochen Sehrndt Jochensehrnt
Israel, Rechov Sumsum Shraga Gidi Gov Gidigov
The Netherlands, Sesamstraat, 1976-1980s Harry Peter Piekos Peter Piekos
The Netherlands, Sesamstraat, 1980s to present Harry Hero Muller Heromuller
Poland, Ulica Sezamkowa Henrys Jacek Czyż
Poland, Świat Elmo Herry Janusz Wituch Januszwituch
Portugal, Rua Sesamo Crespo Fernando Gomes
Portugal, Brinca Comigo Ari Peter Michael
Spain, Juega Conmigo, Sésamo Monstruo Azul José Luis Angulo
Sweden, Sesam Stormonstret Ingvar Kjellson Ingvarkjellson
Sweden, Svenska Sesam Stormonstret/Herry Tor Isedal Torisedal

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