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|- <div id="netherlands" />
|- <div id="netherlands" />
| The Netherlands, ''[[Sesamstraat]]'' || Graaf Tel || [[Wim T. Schippers]] || [[Image:Wimtschippers.jpg|200px|center]]
| The Netherlands, ''[[Sesamstraat]]''<br>1970s-present || Graaf Tel || [[Wim T. Schippers]] || [[Image:Wimtschippers.jpg|200px|center]]
|- <div id="poland" />
|- <div id="poland" />

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The different names and voices of Count von Count across the globe.

Country/Show Name Performer Picture
Denmark, Leg med os fra Sesamgade and Elmo's Verden Greven Farshad Kholghi
France, 1, Rue Sésame‎ Le Comte Philippe Dumat
France, 5, Rue Sésame‎ Le Comte von Compte Gérard Rinaldi
Germany, Sesamstrasse
1973-ca. 2004
Graf Zahl Alf Marholm Alfmarholm
Germany, Sesamstrasse
ca. 2004-present
Graf Zahl Harald Halgardt Haraldhalgardt
Germany, Die Muppet Show Episode 518 Graf Zahl Christian Marschall Christianmarschall
Israel, Rechov Sumsum Mar S'for/Mar Sofer
("Mr. Count/Mr. Counter")
Albert Cohen
Japan, NHK dub Count Tōru Ōkawa
Mexico, Plaza Sesamo and others Conde Contar Martin Soto
The Netherlands, Sesamstraat
Graaf Tel Wim T. Schippers
Poland, Ulica Sezamkowa Liczyhrabia Grzegorz Wons
Świat Elmo & Bawmy się, Sezamku
Liczyhrabia Jarosław Domin
Portugal, Rua Sésamo Conde de Contar Unknown
Spain, Barrio Sésamo Conde Draco Unknown
Spain, Juega Conmigo, Sésamo Conde Draco Carlos Ysbert Carlosysbert

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