The different names and voices of Boober Fraggle across the globe.

Country/Show Name Performer Picture
Canada, Fraggle Rock (Quebec) Boubeur Ghyslain Tremblay
Denmark, Fragglerne Bober Troels II Munk Troelsmunk
Finland, Fragglit Buuber Pauli Virta Paulivirta
France, Fraggle Rock (France) Boubeur Yves-Marie Maurin Yvesmariemaurin
Germany, Die Fraggles Boober Donald Arthur Donaldarthur
Japan, フラグルロック Boober Tôru Furuya
The Netherlands, De Freggels Bobbie Hans Dagelet Hansdagelet
Norway, Fragglene Bober Anders Hatlo Andershatlo
Poland, Fraglesy Boober Wojciech Paszkowski Wojciechpaszkowski
Spain, Los Fraguel Bombo Rafael Alonso Naranjo Jr. Rafaelalonsonaranjo
Sweden, Fragglarna Bober Ulf Peder Johansson Ulfpederjohansson

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