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For more information, see the International Bear in the Big Blue House category.

Bear thinks you smell good, in any language.

Country/Show Name Performer
Bjørnen i det Blå Hus
Bjørn Michael Boesen
Tibère et la maison bleue
Tibère Renaud Marx
Der Bär im großen blauen Haus
Bär Michael Ande (speaking)
Thomas Amper (singing)
Bear Nella Grande Casa Blu
Bear Danilo de Girolamo
The Netherlands
Bruine Beer in het Blauwe Huis
Beer Roberto de Groot
Bjørnen i det Store Blå Huset
Bjørn Paul Ottar Haga
Niedźwiedź w dużym niebieskim domu
Miś Grzegorz Kucias
El Oso de la Casa Azul
Oso Jon Crespo (1997-2002)
Miguel Ángel Varela
Spain (Catalonia)
L'Ós de la Gran Casa Blava
Ós Alex Messeguer
Nalle har ett Stort Blått Hus
Nalle Joakim Jennefors

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