PERFORMER Warrick Brownlow-Pike
DEBUT 2014

Inspector Raccoonseau is a raccoon who appears in The Furchester Hotel episode "Mystery Weekend."

Although at first Phoebe assumes he's there for the mystery weekend, the inspector explains he was attracted by the shiny sign and chose to check in. He isn't a detective, but an inspector of shiny things (that aren't as shiny as they could be). He carries a cleaning rag with him to shine objects, but his passion for polishing creates a mystery for the other guests and staff.

When confronted, Raccoonseau promises to ask before shining things.


  • The name, moustache, and hat are references to the bungling Inspector Jacques Clouseau of The Pink Panther movies. However, his raspy, American-accented voice references Columbo, down to saying "One more thing" at the end (and polishing Phoebe and Elmo's new detective badges).